Kangal Dog

Kangal Dog

The Kangal dog is a breed of large, powerful livestock guardian dog that originated in Turkey.

Key Characteristics And Information About The Kangal Dog:

Size And Appearance of Kangal Dog:

Kangal dogs are large and robust, with males typically weighing between 110 to 145 pounds (50 to 66 kilograms) and standing about 30 to 32 inches (76 to 81 centimeters) tall at the shoulder. Females are slightly smaller. They have a muscular build, a broad head, and a dense double coat that is usually pale tan to steel gray in color.In size, this breed is larger than the German shepherd breed. 

Temperament of Kangal Dog:

Kangal dogs are known for their calm, confident, and independent nature. They are highly protective and possess strong guarding instincts, making them excellent livestock guardians. They are generally reserved with strangers but are devoted and loyal to their families.

Livestock Guardians of Kangal Dog:

The Kangal dogs have a long history of being used as livestock guardians, particularly in Turkey. They were originally bred to protect livestock, primarily sheep, from predators such as wolves and bears. Their natural protective instincts and territorial nature make them well-suited for this role.

Intelligence And Trainability of Kangal Dog:

Kangal dogs are intelligent and can be trained with consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement techniques. However, they also have an independent streak and may require experienced handling. Early socialization and obedience training are important to ensure they develop into well-behaved adults.

Exercise And Living Requirements:

Alsatian Dog

Kangal dogs are active dogs that require regular exercise to stay physically and mentally stimulated. A securely fenced yard or a large, rural property is ideal for them to roam and patrol. They are not recommended for apartment living due to their size and exercise needs.


In conclusion, Kangal dogs are large, powerful livestock guardian dogs that originated in Turkey. They are known for their calm, confident, and protective nature, making them excellent guardians for livestock. With their independent streak and strong guarding instincts, they require proper socialization, training, and responsible ownership.

Kangal dogs are intelligent and active, requiring regular exercise and a suitable living environment. They can be suitable for families with children when properly introduced and supervised. However, apartment living is generally not recommended for this breed. Overall, owning a Kangal dog requires dedication, understanding, and meeting their specific needs to ensure a happy and well-adjusted companion.


Are Kangal Dogs Aggressive?

Kangal dogs are not inherently aggressive. However, they have strong protective instincts and may display aggression towards perceived threats or intruders. Proper socialization, training, and responsible ownership are essential in ensuring they are well-behaved and properly managed.

Do Kangal Dogs Get Along With Other Pets?

Kangal dogs have a natural inclination to protect and guard their territory, including their family and other animals within their environment. Early socialization and proper introductions are crucial to help them get along with other pets. It’s important to note that individual temperament and personality can vary, so not all Kangal dogs may be immediately accepting of other animals.

Do Kangal Dogs Require A Lot of Exercise?

Yes, Kangal dogs are an active breed and require regular exercise to stay healthy and mentally stimulated. Daily walks, playtime, and access to a secure outdoor space are important for their well-being. It’s worth noting that Kangal dogs have a tendency to roam, so providing a secure and spacious area for them to explore is ideal.

Are Kangal Dogs Suitable For Apartment Living?

Kangal dogs are large and active dogs that require ample space to move around. Apartment living is generally not recommended for this breed due to their size and exercise needs. They are better suited to living in a house with a securely fenced yard or in a rural environment where they have room to roam.

How Long Do Kangal Dogs Live?

On average, Kangal dogs have a lifespan of about 12 to 15 years. However, individual dogs may vary, and proper care, nutrition, exercise, and regular veterinary check-ups can contribute to their overall health and longevity.


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