Cat Breed Selector

Cat Breed Selector

The 10 Most Famous Cat Breeds Selector

There are many cat breed selector of cats that look beautiful and lovely, but we mainly focused on the most common cat breeds. We have come up with the 10 most famous cat breeds. We collect different information for every cat breed.


Persian cat

The Persian cat breed selector is a long-haired breed that looks so beautiful and nice. Persian cat breed has a typical character that has a round face, small jaws, big and demonstrative eyes. There are many colors and patterns for this cat breed eyes like white, blue, black, red and cream. This type of cat breed looks so gentle. This type of cat breed is happy to live in the house. With the popularity of this cat breed, there are many health issues for this like eye issues. You can get a Persian cat from a good breeder who takes steps to minimize these risks.

Maine Coon:

Maine Coon

The Maine coon cat breed selector looks generous and genital due to its long hair large size and friendly personality. It’s the oldest breed in North America, it originated in the state of Maine, and therefore its name is “Maine Coon”. This cat breed has long hair, and big eyes. Cat of this breed enjoys spending time with their owners. Cats of this breed are intelligent and playful, and also easy to manage and care for it. The second name of this cat breed is “gentle giants”. This cat breed is also affected by medical issues like hip dysplasia and heart disease.


Rag doll

The Ragdoll is a famous cat breed selector worldwide that is known for its big size, character and beautiful coat pattern. This cat breed first developed in California in 1960s, and also become a popular breed worldwide. There are many colors of this cat breed like mitted, pointed and bicolor. This cat breed also has medical concerns like heart disease and bladder issues. This cat breed can easily live with a cat lover family.



The Siamese is a well-known cat breed that is famous for its magnificent looking and intelligence. It’s also the oldest cat breed and also suitable for the cat lover family. Siamese cat breed has beautiful look, strong body and lengthy tail. This cat breed also develops a strong bonding with its owners. For a high level of energy, this cat breed requires regular exercise and mental peace to stay strong. This cat breed is also prone to some medical issues such as dental issues therefore it’s important to get the Siamese from a well-respected breeder.

British Shorthair:

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is also a famous and oldest breed in the UK, and this cat breed also develops in the UK. This cat breed comes in a variety of colors like black, blue, silver and cream. This type of cat is famous due to its short coat and magnificent body. This cat breed is also intelligent and playful and enjoys playing with toys. This cat breed is also prone to some medical issues such as dental and obesity.

Russian Blue:

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue looks so nice and beautiful. This cat breed developed in Russia, therefore its name is Russian Blue. This cat breed has beautiful hair, a blue-gray coat, and a magnificent body. Russian Blue cats breed loyal to their owners and also intelligent, this cat breed also enjoying playing with toys and chasing any object. This cat breed also has some medical issues like dental and bladder issues.

Scottish Fold:

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is a cat breed selector of household cat that is famous for its round head, larger eyes, and short coat. This cat breed was basically developed in Scotland by William Ross farmer. The main issue with this cat breed is the ears fold which causes joint problems.



The Siberian cat breed selector is famous for its long hair. This cat breed lives in cold and forecast areas. This cat breed also belongs to Russia country. Siberian cats are also famous for their playful personalities, this cat breed is also gentle with children and other pets. Siberian cats breed popular breed in recent years due to their qualities.



The Nebelung cat breed selector is a rare breed of cat that is popular for its attractive appearance and affective personality. This cat breed recognizes by its long hair, and bright green eyes, soft and silky coat.  Nebelung cat breed knows for their loyalty and attentive personality, they are also playful and curious cats. They enjoy playing with toys.

American shorthair:

American shorthair

This cat breed is famous for its playful and friendly behavior. This cat breed develops in 1966 and now this cat breed is most popular in USA, UK and Japan. This cat breed has short- size and decent coat. They have a round face and wide-set eyes that are copper, gold or green in color.


How to use a cat breed selector widget for your business?

If you are running a cat-selling business, such as cat food, cat toys, and breeding services. There are many widgets available online that you can use to grow your business.

How to customize a cat breed selector widget?

Customizing cat breed selector widget helps you adopt questions and results to grow your business and customer needs. Only choose a widget that allows customization.

Which cat breed selector tips for people wanting a cat?

If you are thinking to select a breed of cat, Wordsanimals give you there are a lot of things to understand before selecting a specific breed such as lifestyle, personality, health, size and activity level.

Which are the most famous cat breeds in the US?

According to CFA (Cat Fanciers Association), the most famous cat breed in US nowadays. Exotic, British Shorthair, Persian, Maine coon and Siamese.


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