Guidance And Tips Will Help to Take Care Of a Newborn Kitten:

taking care of newborn kittens

How to Feeding Newborn Kittens?

Taking care of newborn kittens requires feedings, often every 2-3 hours, you can feed them with specific formula and nurse the mother. Keep in mind the schedule and amount of feed for every specific newborn kitten amount of feed should not exceed from specific limit, if the feed amount exceeds from limit, maybe this affect your newborn kitten’s health. You should monitor to newborn kitten’s weight gain and also adjust the feeding schedule accordingly.


Newborn kittens sleep most of the time in a day, in any case, they can sleep 20 hours a day. Newborn kittens require a warm and cozy place. But you should concentrate on temperature, they need polite temperature. You should require a dry and warm environment because newborn baby kittens cannot control their body temperature.

Keep Newborn Kittens Clean:

Mothers of kittens are not only fed and warm them but also keep them clean.Taking care of newborn kittens are basically clean animals, but you should regularly remove loose hair, trim nails and clean their teeth and ear regularly. 

Play With Them:

Newborn kittens are playful creatures, you should play with them. This action will help newborn kittens to develop their physical skills. Set time for every day to play with kittens. Buy toys for them but the safety of the kittens will be most important.  

Provide Them With Regular Care:

Regular check-up for newborn kittens are most important and vital to ensure that your kittens are healthy and free from any major health issues. Keep vaccinate regularly to newborn kittens, this will help to save them and avoid any major health issues for newborn kittens

Practice For The Bathroom:

Newborn kittens cannot go to the bathroom, therefore you need some important assistance to eliminate waste. You need a soft cloth, tissue and warm water. You should not apply too much pressure while cleaning the waste because kittens have delicate and soft skin. After the kittens have finished wasting, you should the clean area with tissue and soft clothing.

After Four To Six Weeks Of Age:

After the age of 4 weeks kittens are able to control their body temperature, therefore heating bad is not necessary, but you can use a kennel for them. You should place kennels for the newborn kitten in an area where newborn kittens can get out playing and exercising. Commonly litter boxes are used for this purpose, and we will also suggest it to you.


After 4 weeks teeth of the newbornkittens erupted, therefore you should start solid feed like chicken and beef. You can feed them 2 to 3 times in a day if they are not taking milk, but you should also feed them milk 1 time in a day. 

After 6 Weeks Of Age:

After the age of 6 weeks, organizes the first taking care of newborn kittens vaccination. The main purpose of this vaccination is to provide healthy life to kittens. Few days your kittens will not play smartly, after organizing vaccination, therefore don’t worry about this.

Practice For The Bathroom:

After the age of 6 weeks, kittens will start to use litter boxes, you should start to introduce the litter box by placing them in the litter box after eat and wake-up.

How To Wash Kittens:

In the market, there are many cat shampoos that you can use to wash kittens. But make sure, never forget to contact with professional. After washing the kittens, you should use a soft cloth to dry the body of the kittens and keep them at a warm temperature. You can also use a heating pad to manage the temperature around the newborn kittens.

Provide The Comfort Zone:

Provide a good environment and open place to play and hide newborn kittens. You should also play with newborn kittens. Because newborn kittens feel happy when they hide and play. The playing process is not just fun, it’s a vital process of bonding between you and newborn kittens. Basically, newborn kittens play to express hunting talent.  You should play for 20 minutes a day, which helps to provide lots of mental stimulation and important exercise for newborn kittens. 


When To Seek Professional Help For Newborn Kitten Care?

You should keep in touch with professionals during the first four weeks of newborn kittens. This will help you to monitor the health of the newborn baby kittens.

How To Keep Newborn Kittens Warm And Comfortable?

Newborn baby kids cannot control the temperature of their bodies, therefore you need a warm environment to manage the temperature of newborn kittens bodies, so use the heating draft and covered them with a towel.

How To Feed And Nurture Newborn Kittens?

In the first 4 weeks, you should feed newborn kittens 3 to 4 times a day. After some days, you should monitor the weight gain, and also adjust the feeding schedule accordingly. 

How To Help Newborn Kittens Develop Good Behavior Habits?

You should encourage all the good behavior and also discourage all the negative ones. 

What Is The Normal Behavior Of A Newborn Baby Kitten?

Newborn kitten sleep most of the time, they cannot walk but they can move by crawling.


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